Holy Hour

Idaho Knights of Columbus

A Higher Purpose

Encourage deep a personal encounter with God. Councils and pastors can work together to organize a regular Holy Hour of eucharistic adoration. A Knights of Columbus Holy Hour, prepared for the men of the parish, could include a reflection, communal rosary, prayers for intercession by Venerable Michael J. McGivney or St. Joseph, and various other aspects as decided by the council.


The chivalric character of the Knights of Columbus and the Church’s long tradition of spiritual combat resonate with men today – especially as threats from the world and the devil are so keenly felt. Eucharistic adoration in the form of a regularly scheduled Holy Hour is a simple, direct, and meaningful way to address these needs. It is familiar to many, easy to organize, and something everyone can participate in together regardless of age, vocation, stage of life, or membership status. Councils can organize their Holy Hours in a variety of ways and incorporate aspects such as: perpetual adoration, the sacrament of reconciliation, prayer for particular intentions and more.

Idaho Knights of Columbus Holy Hour

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