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Ceremonials Chairman: Ken Rief

Ceremonial Chairman Message

The new Exemplification ceremony provides candidates, existing knights, family and parishioners a number of key benefits:

  • It instructs new candidates on the beliefs of the KOC
  • It educates and advances existing 1st & 2nd degree knights onto full knighthood
  • It reinforces our values to all who view the ceremony
  • It motivates Brother Knights to participate in the council
  • It forms a bond between our families and the council
  • It creates a visible example of our beliefs that non-knights can experience
  • It can motivate men to join the Knights of Columbus

During this time of COVID19 and social distancing, the online Supreme Exemplification Ceremony is the recommended way to attend this ceremonial.

After social distancing requirements are removed, it is recommended that an in-person Exemplification Ceremony be held. This method allows both the council and participants to realize the full range of benefits by holding face to face ceremonies in the council environment.

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Ken Rief
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