Stanton Healthcare – June 2020

Stanton Healthcare

At Stanton, one of our favorite things is hosting tours of our Stanton clinics. We love to share about the power of our presence just steps away from Planned Parenthood, and the impact of offering loving support to women facing unexpected pregnancies.

I regrettably had an abortion 27 years ago. I know the heart-wrenching permanence of that decision. I also know most women do not want to have an abortion. They want support. They want to know “this is going to be okay” and “you’re not alone.” That is the truth and hope we provide inside our clinics.

So while our in-person tours were temporarily suspended, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to provide you with a tour right where you are!

Take a peek inside our Meridian clinic to see where lives are saved and transformed!

Over the past few months, in addition to providing women with pregnancy tests, ultrasounds of their growing baby, and life-affirming care, we’ve been blessed to provide more moms than ever with practical support – such as maternity and baby supplies. We’ve experienced an exponential increase in requests for diapers, wipes, formula, and clothing as many families are suffering from job loss and furloughs. Your generosity has enabled us to meet these critical needs with swiftness and compassion.

We’ve also been offering ongoing emotional and spiritual support through StantonCare telehealth appointments. We are doing everything possible to ensure our Stanton Moms and babies are well-loved! Here is what a local partner ministry shared with us:

“Our client was so happy and brought to tears when she was presented with the diaper bag full of essentials for her baby & the little spa bag for herself. Thank you for being a wonderful resource out there for individuals in need. Especially when many are shut down & not providing assistance at this time.”

Thank you for everything you do to keep the doors of HOPE open!

For Life,
Linda Thomas
Director of Community Outreach