Stanton Healthcare – July 2020

Stanton Healthcare

It’s hard to believe it’s already mid-July! We’re all experiencing a year like no other and we are thankful for the faithful support of Stanton as we care for moms, dads, and their precious babies.

In June, we saw even more women than we did at this same time last year. What a powerful reminder that we’re exactly where God planned for us to be…just steps away from the front doors of the largest “non-profit” provider of for-profit abortions in the state of Idaho…Planned Parenthood in Meridian.  

Prior to the pandemic, a small group of us were halfway through Stanton’s After Abortion Care support program. It was a devastating interruption to such an intimate and crucial part of the care we offer to women who are struggling with the pain and regret of a past abortion. 

I am happy to say God brought this precious group of women back together to finish the remaining weeks of our Bible study. That’s how dedicated they were to pursuing His healing, and how faithful He is in providing it!

One of the women shared her beautiful testimony from our time together: 

“I didn’t know I would need healing from something I thought was supposed to stay hidden for the rest of my life. I didn’t know there would be sorrow and despair to feel years afterward. I didn’t know I would mourn in silence. I didn’t know I would love and miss my baby I never knew. I didn’t know I wasn’t alone. I didn’t know there was a place of peace I could find. But God graciously led me to the After Abortion Care offered at Stanton which has set me on the path to healing. I was finally able to share my pain and guilt with other women who understood exactly what I was feeling. There was no judgment; just support and encouragement. Going through the study not only grew my knowledge of God but also grew my love and trust for Him. There is no cure this side of heaven from the pain, but there is a place of peace in trusting that I am forgiven in Christ Jesus.”

One of our After Abortion Care leaders, Kelly, had this to share:

“To witness women walking away from decades of shame and guilt after an abortion into the grace and forgiveness only found in the gospel has been a precious gift. I encourage anyone still silently holding onto regret after an abortion to participate in Stanton’s program.”

If you are one of the 1 in 4 women who have had an abortion in the United States and you desire to be free of the shame and regret, please reach out to for After Abortion Care information. 

There is hope for healing after abortion.