Stanton Healthcare – August 2020

Stanton Healthcare

Because the Doors of HOPE are Open, lives are being saved.

Throughout these challenging and unprecedented times, we have clearly seen the unchanging character of God and his heart for abortion-vulnerable moms and their babies. We have also
seen how God is working through you – his people – in the lives of the women we serve. 

Did you know our biggest source of clients comes from word of mouth referrals?

Most of the women we serve hear about us from a friend, family member, co-worker, church member, and sometimes even a stranger in passing!

Countless babies and their moms have been saved from the tragic violence of abortion because of people like you…going about their day…while walking in step with the Spirit and an
intentional awareness of what is happening around them.  

  • A woman familiar with Stanton noticed in passing that someone looked upset, and
    simply but sincerely asked “Are you okay?” What followed led to a life saved.
  • A mom knew to turn to Stanton when her daughter’s friend was seeking an abortion.
    What followed led to a life saved.
  • A churchgoer met a newly pregnant, scared young woman and directed her to Stanton.
    What followed led to a life saved.

When you refer a vulnerable, pregnant woman to Stanton, you are providing her with a true gift…the chance to meet her baby on ultrasound for the first time.

For more information, contact Linda Thomas, Director of Community Outreach: