Mother Theresa – No Greater Love

No Greater Love

“Mother Teresa taught us that there are no expendable people. Everyone
we encounter is made in the image of God. So, when she was feeding the
hungry or holding the hands of someone as they lay dying, she was
treating them as she would the most important person in her life, Jesus
Christ himself.”
– Supreme Knight Patrick E. Kelly

Tickets are on sale now for MOTHER TERESA: NO GREATER LOVE, a
documentary produced by the Knights of Columbus that tells the inspirational
story of one of the world’s most revered saints, Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
The film will be released in select theaters nationwide Monday, Oct. 3, and
Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2022. MOTHER TERESA: NO GREATER LOVE reveals
not just who Mother Teresa was, but how her singular vision to serve Christ in
the poor continues to be realized today through the religious order she
founded, the Missionaries of Charity.

Fathom Events will distribute the movie, which was filmed on five continents
and features unprecedented access to both institutional archives and the
apostolates of the Missionaries of Charity. This is far more than a
documentary film. It is at once a soaring tribute to a spiritual icon, a powerful
witness of authentic Christian charity and a guidepost for all who seek hope
in our turbulent times.

“This documentary challenges us to move out of our own petty self-
centeredness, to a greater generosity of spirit, towards God and our fellow
men. May it sensitize us to open our hearts and hands, to the sufferings of
our brothers and sisters far and near.” – Sr. M. Joseph, M.C., Missionaries of
Charity Superior General